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What Does a Magnet Stick To
Submitted by Beverly
Have your children decorate tongue depressors or Popsicle sticks. Put a piece of magnet tape on the stick. Next take your children on a walk around the school to see what the magnet sticks will stick to.
How the Mail Works
Submitted by Carla
Talk to your children about how the mail works. Tell them that it is all just a big matching game. The sorters match the city/zip code to the proper location. Then the mailman sorts them and matches (delivers) them to the proper address.
Scales for Mail
Submitted by Julia
Bring in scales and let your children weigh mail (and boxes you provide) just like they do in the post office. They can then add correct postage (how much they feel it should have) For added fun have them deliver the packages to different areas of the classroom.
Measure Me
Submitted by Lisa
Give the children a string and scissors. Have one child lie down and let them measure how tall he is and then cut the string. Latter the children can compare their strings and show them to their families.
Magnetic Pans
Submitted by Margarette
Fill Cupcake pans with sand. Put different metal objects in the sand. Cover the top with something so that your children can not get to the sand. Finally, give your children magnetic wands to move the metal objects around with.
Class Mouse
Submitted by Betty
Get a cage and let your children watch a class mouse (get a cage with no holes in the sides so it can not bite your children.
Measure Me
Submitted by Callie
Measure your children and graph the results
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