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Magnetic Marbles
Submitted by Nina
Put shredded paper or cornmeal in your water table. Next add magnetic marbles dipped in paint. Finally, let your children move the marbles around the paper with magnets. It will make really neat designs.
Magnetic Walls
Submitted by Carla
Screw medal cookie sheets into a wall and let your children play with magnets on it. To help them learn use magnetic numbers and letter.
Mouse Paint
Submitted by Maggy
Have your children step into paint and then walk across paper, just like the book "Mouse Paint"
The Mitten
Submitted by Susan
Let your children act out the story 'The Mitten' by Jan Brett. Printable masks are available by following this link: Mitten Masks
Who's Here Mitten
Submitted by Lisa
Create a mitten for each child and write their name on it. Every day when they come in have your children put their mitten on a clothesline in your classroom
Myself As A Puzzle
Submitted by Lori
Take pictures of your children with black and white film. Using a copy machine enlarge the picture to fit a normal piece of paper and then put the picture on tag board. Finally, cut the board into several different pieces and give it to your children. They now have a puzzle of themselves.
Mouse Snack
Submitted by Tina
Have your children use a heart cookie cutter to cut a piece of bread. Have them then spread jam on the bread and fold it in half (this makes a mouse shape) Then add a chocolate chip eye and a licorice tail, This is an incredibly cute snack!
March to Music
Submitted by Valarie
Have your children march around your class to music.
Mickey Mouse Snack
Submitted by China
Give your children two vanilla wafers. Have them break one in half. Have them spread frosting on the whole wafer and then add the halves as ears. Then they can add M&M's Eyes and Nose, and pretzel whiskers.
Sleeping Music
Submitted by Lori
Play classical music softly while your children are sleeping. This will soothe them and make them sleep more soundly.
Mitten Tree
Submitted by Andi
After reading the story 'The Mitten Tree' Have your class as a whole to make a mitten tree with mittens you have pre cut.
Mitten Cookies
Submitted by Cheryl
Using a mitten cookie cutter give each of your children a mitten cookie for snack.
"M" Snacks
Submitted by Carolyn
  • Muffins
  • Macoroni and Cheese
  • Milk
  • Milk Shakes
  • Marshmallows
Monster Muffins
Submitted on the Comment Boxl
On toasted english muffins, the children spread their choice of softened cream cheese, then made faces using banana slices, raisins, sunflower seeds etc. We colored coconut for the children to use as hair. This activity was a real hit and EVERYBODY ate their breakfast! Have fun with this and allow plenty of time for them to create their masterpieces.
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