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Magnetic Bingo
Submitted by Tracy
Place several bingo cards in your dramatic play area. Get magnetic bingo chips have your children play with magic wands with the bingo chips. They can play bingo, sort chips by color, try to stack chips, etc.
Submitted by Linda
Cut out several shapes (triangles, squares, etc.). Cut enough so each child will have at least one of every shape. Next from a bag or shoebox. Make Mailboxes that have the same shapes on them. Let the children deliver the mail to the correct boxes.
Mailbox Match
Submitted by Julie
Cut out several mailbox shapes. Put a number, letter, or symbol on the flag of the mailboxes. Next get several envelopes (or cutouts) and put a corresponding number, letter, or symbol on the mail. Have your children match the mail with the corresponding mailbox. Note: To make this last longer attach the mailboxes to a manila folder and laminate them.
Magnetic Marbles
Submitted by Jen
Put shredded paper in your water table. Next add magnetic marbles dipped in paint. Finally, let your children move the marbles around the paper with magnets. It will make really neat designs.
Mitten Match
Submitted by Crystal
Cut several mittens in different sizes and colors out of construction paper. Laminate these to a manila folder, provide your children with different things that can be matched with these (by color, size, length, etc.) Finally provide them with several real mittens (or duplicate cutouts) to match up.
Felt Mitten Match
Submitted by Janet
Cut out several different mitten colors from felt and features on them so that there are exactly two mates. Let your children match them on a felt board.
Musical Chairs
Submitted by Janet
Play Musical Chairs with your children
Memory Mittens
Submitted by Cindy
At storytime read the book, a Coat of Many Colors. I made up a game afterwards of (Mittens of Many Colors). I die-cutted mittens in a variety of patterned scrapbooking paper and white poster board. Then I cut the printed mittens in half and make up a variety of pairs of mittens, glue then on the poster board mittens and laminate. Turn them over (white side up) and use them as a memory game
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