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Watch the Ice Melt
Submitted by Hollie
Completely amerce any item into water and freeze it. Then sit it our and let your children watch as the item reappears.
Non Messy Ice
Submitted by Pamela
For a non messy way for your children to experience ice. Freeze water in a ziploc bag or plastic glove.
Insects Aquarium
Submitted by Mrs. Kelli
Put a lot of bugs in an aquarium. Make sure the lid fits well. Let your kids watch the bugs. They will enjoy seeing the bugs as well as learn a lot.
Sticky Ice
Submitted by Fran
Put a piece of ice in a bowl of water (should float on the top) give your children a string and have them try to pick up the ice. They will not be able to do this. Then have them lay the string gently across the ice and put salt over the ice cube. Slowly count to 10 and presto the ice will stick to the string.
Quick Melt
Submitted by Nancy
Fill several containers with water and freeze them. Take them outside and put winter salt on some and not on the others. Ask your children which one they think will melt first. For added fun add food coloring on the top of each. The one with winter salt will melt away into a neat pattern.
Melting Chart
Submitted by Andi
Have your children predict what will make ice melt the fastest (salt, cold water, hot water, salt water, nothing) Use each method on similar size chunks of ice and graph the result
Submitted by India
Talk about how Igloos are made and how they protect Eskimos. Then have your children try to make one using either sugar cubes and frosting or ice cubes and salt (helps stick cubes together)
Watching Ivy
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Plant Ivy somewhere in your classroom and let your children watch it grow
Melts in Your Hand
Submitted by Tarah
Ask your children to predict if snow/ice will melt faster in your bare hand or in a mitten. Graph the results.
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