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For neat icicles, put a thick line of glue across black paper. Let the glue run down and then sprinkle glitter on it.
Submitted by Hollie
ICE Jell-O/Kool-Aid Art
Submitted by Irene
What You Need:
  • Kool-Aid or Jell-O (in powder form)
  • Ice
  • Paper
What You Do:
  • Make ice in a Popsicle mold. Sprinkle Kool-Aid or Jell-O on the child's paper. Let them use the ice Popsicle to push the powder around and create a really neat design.

Note: This idea also works with powdered Tempera Paint
Insect Collage
Submitted by Karen
What You Need:
  • Contact Paper
  • Construction Paper or Tissue Paper
What You Do:
  • Cut the contact paper in the shape of an insect (butterfly, ladybug, etc.) Let you kids put the construction paper or tissue paper on it and make great collages
Submitted by an Unknown User
What You Need:
  • cotton balls
  • egg cartons
  • google eyes
  • pipe cleaners
  • construction paper
  • paint
  • glitter, any other material that you want to use.
What You Do:
  • Have your children make inchworms by cutting an egg carton lenghtwise. Then have your children use paint to decorate the inch worms and use the other materials for added details.
Design an Insect
Submitted by J. Smith
What You Need:
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Popsicle Stick
  • Feathers
  • Football Shakers
  • google Eyes
  • Construction Paper
  • Glitter
What You Do:
  • After talking about insects, and looking at insect pictures. Give the kids all of the materials and let them design their own insect. You will be amazed what great insects your kids will come up with
Initials Hat
Submitted by Susan
What You Need:
  • Paper
  • Glue
What You Do:
  • Cut construction paper in the shape of a hat and then give each of your children different collage materials (colored paper pieces, macaroni, beans, buttons, etc) then let your children glue on their initials with the materials (like the initials on baseball hats)
Insect Habitat
Submitted by Tina
What You Need:
  • Paper
  • Paint, or colors, markers
What You Do:
  • Let you kids design their own Insect Habitat (Bee Hive, Ant Hill with tunnels, Spider Web, Cocoon). Then they can draw the insects in.
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