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My Hat
Submitted by Lisa
My hat, it has three corners,
Three corners has my hat.
And had it not three corners,
It would not be my hat.
Submitted by Carla
Here is a house for a robin (hold hands open)
Here is a hive for a bee (close hands together)
Here is a hole for a bunny (make a circle with hands)
Here is a home for me (point around)
If I Were A Horse
(Sung To: "Mr. Ed Theme Song")
Submitted by Janet
If I were a horse
A horse A horse
I'd like to be a (a color) horse
I'd like to be a (a color) horse
And my name would be (Child's Name)
Horsie Horsie
Submitted on the Comment Box
Horsie horsie on your way,
We've been together a many a day,
So let your tail go swish,
And your wheels go round,
Gitty-up were home ward bound.
Humming Birds
Submitted by Freta
Five humming birds flying in the air (Hold up five fingers)
The first one landed in my hair (Grab little finger)
The second and third were a pair. (Touch index finger and thunb together.)
The fourth humming bird didn't care. (grab ring finger.)
The fifth humming bird hummed everywhere (Touch middle finger and hum loudly)
This is The House
Submitted by Freta
This is the house with the roof and the walls H-o-u-s-e.
This is the house with the ceiling and the floor. H-o-u-s-e.
With the windows on the side, and the door to get inside h-o-u-s-e. HOUSE!
Right Hand, Left Hand
Submitted by Kathy
This is my right hand (raise hand)
I raise it up high (lift up over head)
This is my left hand (raise hand)
I touch the sky (lift up over head)
Right hand, left hand (raise one then other)

Roll them round and round (Roll hands)
Right hand, left hand (raise one then other)
Let's all sit down (sit down)
I Hop on my Horse
Submitted by Kathy
I hop on my horse and go to town (Pretend to hop on horse)
I ride up high and I don't fall down. (Pretend to ride horse)
I wear a hat so my hair won't blow (Put hand on head.)
and when I want to stop, I just say Ho! (Pretend to pull back on reins)
"H" Makes Me Happy
Submitted by Lisa
H is for hair and H is for hand (point to hair, then to hand)
H is for heels on which we stand (stand back on heels)
H is for houses here and there (gesture to left, then to right)
H is for hats seen everywhere. (stand hands on top of head)
H is for hearts and horses too, (point to chest, then pretend to ride horse)
H makes me happy, how about you? (point to everyone around you)
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