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Who Wears The Hat
Submitted by Betty
Bring in several different kinds of hats (baseball cap, fireman's helmet, hard hat, chef's hat, mortarboard, etc) Talk to your children about who wears the different hats
Different Homes
Submitted by Chorlette
Talk to your children about how different people live in different types of homes. Then ask them what they think all homes have in common. Some ideas are kitchens, love, bedrooms, water, etc.
Horse Pelets
Submitted by Lisa
Go to your local feed store and buy horse pellets. Show your children what horses eat.
Frozen Hand
Submitted by Pamela
For a non messy way for your children to experience ice. Freeze water in a plastic glove Let them play with the hand in the water table.
My Height
Submitted by Bonnie
Measure your children's height along with items that they want you to. Graph the results.
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