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Gingerbread Count
Submitted by Julie
Cove a piece of cardboard with aluminum foil (to make it look like a cookie sheet) and paste several gingerbread men on it. Write a different number on each gingerbread man. Let your children count out a corresponding number of gumdrops (or cheerios) and put on each one. This is a great fun math lesson
Groundhog Shadow
Submitted by Betty Anne
Have each child create a groundhog on a paper plate. Attach a stick to this and put it in the ground. Measure the shadow of the ground hog every few hours. Graph the results.
Why Was the Gingerbread Man Afraid to Get Wet?
Discuss with your children Why the Gingerbread Man Afraid to Get Wet. Then show examples of things that disintegrate in water
  • A Gingerbread Man
  • Sugar cube
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Pudding Mix
  • For added emphasis show some items that do not dissolve
Grocery Store
Submitted by Leslie
Set up a grocery store in your class let you children pretend to buy their groceries using real coupons and play money!
Clear Garden
Submitted by Tina
Let your children see how plants sprout and then form root systems. Wet paper towels and put them in clear plastic cups. Finally sprinkle radish seed on the paper towel until the seeds are clearly visible. Set the cups in the sun and keep the towels moist, you will have growth in no time
Outdoor Garden
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
If you have the facilities make a real garden for your children in a small swimming pool (punch holes for drainage) They will love to work it just like it's a real garden.
Growing Grass
Submitted by Jackie
Dampen a sponge and then put grass seed on the top of it. Next pour water over the sponge let your children watch as the grass grows over the next few weeks.
Match the Buttons
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Cut out sets of One big and one little Gingerbread people out of cardboard or poster board. On the small one put a set number of buttons (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) Let your children put buttons on the big ones in order to make it look the same as the little one.
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