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Dinosaur Egg Hunt
Submitted by lee
Hide plastic eggs (Dinosaur Eggs) on the playground or in the classroom and have a dinosaur egg hunt
Duck Walk
Submitted by Fran
Have your children pretend to be ducks as they walk somewhere
Dinosaur Dig
Submitted by Connie
Hide plastic dinosaurs in your sand area and let your children dig for bones.
Dinosaur Goose
Submitted by Barbra
Instead of duck-duck-goose, Play Triceratops-Triceratops-Brontosaurus.
Dodge Ball
Submitted by Julie
Play the classic game of Dodge Ball during "D" Week
Name the Dino Tag
Submitted by India
Play it just like TV Tag. When a child is tagged, they must call out the name of a dinosaur or go to the tar pit
Dragon Tail
Submitted by Lisa
Have children line up in a row. Have them put their hands on the person's shoulder in front of them. Then have them pretend to be a dragon
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