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Bring Baby to Class Day
Submitted by Tarah
Have your kids bring their babies (stuffed animals, dolls, etc.) to class one day and talk about the differences between the dolls and real babies.
Baby Nursery
Submitted by Carla
Create a nursery in the play area. Get as many baby things as possible. Children love to pretend to be parents and babies.
Bear Snacks
Submitted by Brooke
Using bear shaped cookie cutters make Jell-O, sandwich, toast, or cookie snacks for the kids.
Balloon Snack
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Make a balloon snack using either sugar cookies or rice cakes. Frost them and then use licoriceas string
Bumble Bee Dance!
Submitted by Tina
With your kids imitate the different bee dances. You can find a video with the dances in most places (National Geographic has a few).
Bunny Footprints
Submitted by Jane
Use a cardboard cutout bunny footprint as a pattern to make baby powder footprints on the floor of your classroom. When they ask where the footprints came from don't tell them let them guess.
Go Bug Hunting
Submitted by Pam
Go bug hunting (note tell your children not to touch the bugs, or they could be stung) while singing:
Balloon Treat
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Make a balloon treat by decorating a rice cake (smaller sized ones) with frosting and adding a licorice string.
Bird Feeder
Submitted by Tanya
Use Either Stale Bread or a Corn Cob as a base. Spread Peanut Butter all over the base. Then press bird seeds into the peanut butter and viola! you have a nifty bird feeder.
Baby Food Taste Test
Submitted by Bonnie
Let your preschoolers taste different kinds of baby foods and compare them with the real thing.
Butterflies Types
Submitted by Paige
Using an air popper, make several batches of Butterflies. When the Butterflies has cooled off, have the children split the Butterflies up into several zip loc bags. Pour melted butter into each bag. Sprinkle a dry ingredient into the bags, close the top, and have your children shake it.

Some choices for dry ingredients are Cinnamon, sugar, dry ranch, dry cheese, garlic, etc. Have your children choose which one they like best and graph the results.
Breads Around the World
Submitted by Leslie
Let your children taste test different breads, cakes, etc from all over the world during bread week.
Match the Bow Tie
Submitted by Julie
Copy five penguin designs. Make each penguin have different color shoes. Next make 5 bow ties that are the same color as the shoes. Let the kids match the bow ties with the penguin it belongs to.
Bakery Visit
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Visit a local bakery and let your children see how bread is made
Special Bubbles
Submitted by Jenni
Get 5 inch long plastic piping from a local hardware store. Attach cheesecloth to one end. Dip the cloth into the bubble solution and have your children gently blow. You will get special, unique bubbles.
Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Submitted by Kelli
Make puppets to go along with brown bear brown bear
Letter "B" Snacks
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
  • Berries
  • Gummy Bears
  • Bean Salad
  • Blueberries and Blueberry muffins
  • Birthday Cake
  • Biscuits
  • Bananas and Banana Splits
  • Jelly Beans
  • Bread and Banana Bread
Sensory Table Beach Party
Submitted by Cindy
Put a pile of sand in the middle of the table, pour blue colored water around the sand to make an island. Add cut up washclothes, paper umbrellas, small seashells and multicultural people on island. Add ships or boats to water around the island.
Baby Dramatic Play Area
Submitted by Cindy
Put warm water in your sensory table with a little baby wash. Provide terry cloths, sponges, dolls, small empty bottles of baby shampoo, baby oil, towel, diaper and clothing. Discuss caring for babies, encouraging them to be gentle and keeping the head above water.
Notes About Balloons
Submitted by B. W. Greene
Circus ideas are great! Caution on the balloons - make sure the children don't put the balloons to their face. When a balloon pops near the mouth it can wrapped around the lungs because the first reaction is a gasp which draws the pieces in to the mouth. Also make sure no one has a latex allergy. If one stretches the balloon first before blowing it up it inflates easier.
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