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Ant Farm
Submitted by Jenni
Get an ant farm and let your kids watch. Them build their many tunnels
Guess My Seeds
Submitted by Gayle
After talking about the growth of an apple tree from seed to tree to apple and back to see show the kids an apple and let them guess the number of seeds in it. Then carefully cut open the apple and find out how many there really are. So you don't waste the apple you can have apple slices for snack.
One Hard Bite
Submitted by Jen
Talk to your children aobut how hard an alligator can bite down. They will be amazed at the force that the mouth can create.
Counting Apples
Submitted by Jen
Make three apple trees and several apples from felt. Put a number under each tree and have your children put a corresponding number of apples on the tree
How Many Apples Am I
Submitted by Holly
Let your kids lay down on the ground and measure how many apples tall they are
Apple Survey
Submitted by Amy
Bring in as many different kind of apples as you can find at the grocery store (during peek season usually six+) and let the kids try them and see which one they like the best. With older kids you can chart which ones kids like the best. (You can also do the difference between flavored applesauces or apple cider/apple juice).
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