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Bobbing For Apples
Submitted by Leslie
An old favorite. Put apples in a large bucket and let your kids try to get them out with their mouths. (Tip: Use real small apples or apple slices for smaller children because their mouths can not pick up a full size apple)
Who has the Alligator?
Submitted by Julie
Cut out a Alligator shape. Have everyone close their eyes while you give one child a the cut out. Then have your children guess who has the Alligator
Feed the Alligator
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Draw a large Alligator face on a piece of poster board or the side of a box. Cut a hole out where the Alligator's mouth would be and add paper teeth (make it at least twice the size of the beanbag). Tape the board to a chair and let each of your children take three tries to feed the Alligator (by throwing a beanbag into the Alligator's mouth)
Apple Match
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Cut out apples of green, yellow, and red. Put corresponding apples on a manilla folder. Have your children match the apples.
Pass the Apple
Submitted by Karen
Play just like Hot Potato. The children pass an apple until the music stops. Who ever is holding it when the music stops is sent to the apple patch (the center of the circle)
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